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Triplets: The Questions People Asked Our Parents.

Mum and Dad say they were often stopped and asked all sorts of questions.

They still get asked them now but always remember that although its a story they have told 1000's of times to the person asking its new and exciting.

Sometimes when we are out as a family and our parents are walking a few paces behind us they hear people comment to each other "Are they triplets?" and still today confirm it.

When we were about 5 they bought us t shirts with the words "yes we are triplets" written on the back. That helped a bit!

The obvious questions include

Are they identical?? Yes we are!

Strangely people who have mixed sex multiples also get this question.

Err no they are not identical as one is a boy and one a girl!

Luckily Mum and Dad didn't have to deal with that scenario.

When did you find out you were having 3? At 8 weeks and yes it was a shock!

Were they premature? Yes 7 weeks early.

Can you tell them apart? Mum usually says if they are together yes but not from the back!

"Did you buy two and get one free?" They just laughed at that one!

"You've got your hands full?" Yes we do

Of course despite the repeated questions and attention our parents were always and we hope still are very proud.

They recall an incident in Venice when a large group of Koreans saw us lined up near a wall and suddenly instead of taking photos of the Bridge Of Sighs all cameras were on us!

If only we had asked for a £1 for every photo that has been taken of you they often say....

Next time the questions WE have been asked!

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