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Meet the Artists: Rachel, Rebekah & Sarah. The Shock of Triplets!

First of all yes we are identical triplets so that means it was NOT IVF but a fluke of nature. Statistics vary on how much of a fluke it is, depending on the source, but we've even seen it reported as a 1: 1000000 chance, so quite rare you could say!

When Mum and Dad discovered they were having triplets it was, as you can imagine a HUGE shock, not just because its not the sort of thing that you hear every day but because they had recently been told they couldn't have kids for medical reasons!

As is often the case as soon as they started thinking about treating themselves to a cruise...the bombshell....three heartbeats!

Dad sat up all night with a glass of whiskey and Mum apparently doesn't even know how she got home from the hospital.

We were born at 33 weeks and our weights varied from 2lb 9 to 3lb 14 which wasn't bad and after just one month we were home and the fun started!

Mum and Dad say the hardest thing was the lack of sleep. They say that as we were so small we needed feeding every 3 hours during the night and by the time we were all settled it was almost time to start again.

Then of course there were the endless bottles of milk, the nappies, the washing.

Many people ask if they were entitled to help. The answer is needed quads for that.

Luckily the family stepped in and our grandparents, family and friends helped. They say the first few months were a blur. Mum remembers millennium night fondly, we were about two months old by then.

Another question Mum is often asked is how they told us apart?

Well they left our hospital bracelets on and assigned us colours red, yellow and blue...those colours still identify us to a certain extent today. Its strange how those things stay with you!

Did we have a triple buggy? No we didn't, firstly because at the time they cost around £1000 and secondly Mum said she probably wouldn't have been able to go anywhere with us alone anyway so we had a double and a single.

Of course right from the start we have attracted a lot of attention. Mum and Dad got used to giving stock answers to the same questions always doing so as if it was the first time they had been asked that particular question.

Its the same for us today...but more of that next time.

Plus find out what some of the funniest questions about multiples people ask!

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