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Prague & Berlin

Escape To Prague

Well, we arrived safely in beautiful Prague and have spent the afternoon in the 'old town' of the city. Amazing place, absolutely full of Italians, we understand this is one of their favourite short holiday breaks.

Enjoyed a river cruise together. As we were up at 04:00, we are now shattered!! Lots of plans for tomorrow . We visited some great shops which exhibited many fine paintings  of the city. We hope to make contact with the artist at some point once we can identify her/him!!

Three very fluffy hats were purchased today perfect for the cold winter ahead. A gentle stroll in the heat and we found a great ice cream place indoors, whilst the mum got stuck into a "Tredlnk", a huge pastry cone absolutely stuffed with ice cream.

Headed for the train to Berlin....very sad to leave Prague😔... We've decided on purchasing the Berlin Card at £135 between us that lasts 72 hours. That means that we feel obliged on spending even more money on getting in to see more attractions, museums, castles etc that we can pack in in that time..

On To Berlin!

Super hot here, we are all melting!  We crawled through the Charlottenberg gardens, chasing the shade.

Headed off to Potsdamer Platz and boiled ourselves in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Humbled by man's inhumanity to man in the museum of the holocaust near the Tiergarten we dived into the Ritter (chocolate) museum whilst Mum and Dad dived into a small bier garten (to get shade of course). Went east-side and had dinner near the Alexanderplatz before returning to hotel for cold showers. Hoping to believe the forecast that we could be down to 25 tomorrow.

Berlin no way as "nice" as Prague...although we do love Germany honestly. If we had visited Berlin first, it would be incredibly more enjoyable but its not small like Prague although It is a very easy city to travel around by public transport, no doubt about that.... The weather 'improved' for us for about an hour, in that the temperature dropped to 27 degrees and we had a light shower which brought all the Berliners and tourists out to play in the streets to witness this thing called "rain".

Heading back to the UK now before our grand tour commences! Next stop Italy!

Italy Here We Come!

06:50 Eurotunnel and we put on our eye masks and settled down to snooze whilst we tore through France, Belgium and Luxembourg.  Arrived at the hotel by 3pm, Sankt Annagut at Burrweiler not far from Karlsruhe. A lovely spot indeed.

Next day through rest of Germany, Austria and into Italy. Arrived In Lake Garda in time for a welcome plate of pasta!

Settling in for a bit now here at base before we head off again.....


The Ogre, the Young Maiden and the Monk... ......or the Eiger, the Jungfrau and the Munch.

Three spectacular mountains in the Swiss Alps.

So we went for the Schilthorn trip and there was cloud, lots and lots of cloud indeed.

The view must have been spectacular  but we didnt see it!

So we had our 007 brunch and had to retreat to a lower stage on the cable car to be able to get out of the cloud.

The following day was perfect.

We took a cable car up to First then stood in awe of the view.

A walk to the lake, some lunch in paradise and then a mountain cart down again...

Beautiful area and well worth a visit...expensive though!!

Try the cheese fondue, its yummy and of course the chocolate, lots of chocolate!

Werfen Austria

A beautiful town famous for its castle which starred in The Sound of Music (DOH RE MI scene) and Where Eagles Dare to name just two.

WE did the Sound of Music Trail and got a medal for it.

Also visited the largest ice caves in the world...very cold so if you go take a scarf!!

Incredible place though.

Couple of weeks of art now before we head to Tuscany!

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